In the world of Erde, magic functions like any other natural resource. Some areas have high concentrations. These are fantastical realms where enchanted creatures flourish and reality shifts to suit the whims of powerful sorcerers. Other areas are magical dead zones. Here, necessity has pushed technology forward, leading to the development of steam power and primitive firearms.

One hundred and twenty years ago colonizers arrived in a new land intent on developing a nation to satiate their mechantile needs. A brutally violent native population occupiedthis land and resisted the colonizing force. The colonizers fought those they viewed as "primitive" with steel weapons and armour on to discover that the natives warred with the power of their living gods behind them. Driven back by such force, the colonizers instead chose to erect a city in a lower magic-infused area to stave off the vicious gods and their magically gifted followers. Thus was born Verre Zon, city of the Distant Sun.

The city of Verre Zon sits nestled in the mouth of the rich Ticpacatl river. Born and raised a merchant city, Verre Zon plays host to hundreds of immigrant cultures all aiming to make the best out of difficult situation. To the west are the Ameyatl, a fierce native population who value magical tradition and sacrifice. To the east an ocean which grants an avenue for high trade with any countries across the sea.

Verre Zon is surrounded by smaller farm-based villages which supplement the city in either agriculture or ocean trade. Relations among natives and colonizers remain tense with much of the tension manifesting in political deliberation.


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